About the Artist

I was born in 1949 ,Live and work in Jerusalem. The studio located in Moshav Even Sapir.

Most of my works are oil paintings on stretched canvas (linen or cotton), using a brush or knife and brush technique.

Painting is the ultimate means of expressing my thoughts and feelings. I devote many hours of work to each piece, discharging as much energy as if I were engaged in strenuous physical activity.

Charcoal, brush, and knife are not only work tools, they are a dominant and integral part of my hand, which receives and carries out orders from my brain and from the other places that are responsible for the emotions that are in me. I can’t settle for a “one-shot” work and therefore I rarely sign charcoals or water colors. In my works, I “make sure” to create a painting with many levels, with volume and depth.

Workshops for Amateurs

The workshops consist of painting lessons in small groups, in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

An emphasis is placed on working in acrylics and oil while improving drawing ability and powers of observation. Each pupil is given personal attention and is guided according to his or her aptitudes, speed of progress, and artistic inclinations. In the course of the year, there are guided sessions in drawing a live model, days of painting freely in nature, and exhibitions of pupils’ works. Private lessons and assistance in preparing a portfolio can be arranged. For further details, contact me.