About the artist and his work

Born: 1949

Plastic artist - painter / sculptor.
Lives and teaches in Jerusalem

Painting is the ultimate expression of my thoughts and feelings.My artistic and emotional expression as an artist is influenced mainly by my physical and mental presence in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem has many varying components from the past and from the present.  The city has a unique and complex atmosphere.  The make-up of its inhabitants, its neighborhoods, its landscapes, stone houses, faded olive trees and most of all the unique light.  They all serve as an inspiration for me.

As an individual and an artist, I am influenced by changing moods and events that take place around me with a vast and ever-changing array. What is evident today did not necessarily have an impact on me a year ago and may not influence a year from now.

I attempt in my work to be exposed and open to many new influences.  My senses perceive new influences through they remain captive to realist art.  Nevertheless, I have a strong appreciation for Impressionism in its many .forms

I devote countless hours to each painting.  The amount of energy exerted often feels like exhaustive physical activity.

My style is characterized by aesthetics, depth and precision which is obtained through multi-layered work. Most of my works are oil paintings on canvas utilizing mixed and brush techniques.

My connection to the various shades of Jerusalem stone used in construction throughout the city led me several years ago to begin stone sculpture.

Workshops for students of all Levels

Workshops are held in my studio in small groups, in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

Emphasis is placed on work with color and improving the ability of each student to observe as well as his or her technique.
The instruction is personalized and adapted to the individual's personality, talent, pace, and artistic inclinations.
The option for additional lessons is available as well as help in preparing a portfolio.

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